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Pedro Garcia Aguado

From defender to attacker in the sport. From not being a father to being a father twice over. From elite athlete to therapy center. From sick man to therapist, and from there to TV host and social entrepreneur.

There is intelligence through study and training, but there is also adaptive intelligence, which is what allows us to survive, adapting to the different aspects, situations and events that occur throughout our lives.

“It is not the one who knows the most that is the most intelligent, but the one who adapts the fastest to changes”. Steven Hawking.

Pedro explains in his lecture, how his life changed and what events made it change course. He highlights the lessons learned from his 17 years as a professional sportsman and the ability to turn a negative argument around when his sporting career comes to an end. He shares how, thanks to these situations, he is now one of the people that families love and trust most to help them prevent and resolve conflicts.

A professional motivator, every time he speaks to young people and adults he manages to promote some kind of personal change in those who listen to him. The conference is impregnated with anecdotes and personal experiences, going from humour to drama, returning to humour and ending with a motivating and positive message.