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We put at your disposal a wide variety of hotels so you can relax after a day in FYCMA with the maximum guarantee of comfort and quality.

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If you need help to organise your trip to Málaga, you can contact our collaborating travel agency:

Nautalia Viajes

Mª José Cobo
Phone: +34 951 778 112

Special prices

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The Trade Fairs and Congress Palace of Málaga and and Iberia have an agreement whereby the airline offers discounts on its fares to travel to the city. These discounts apply to congressmen, speakers, participants and visitors of events hosted in this collaboration.

Likewise, the external organisers of events that wish to do so will have the opportunity to take part in this agreement.


If you participate in any of the fairs organized by FYCMA, ask the organisation for the Renfe discount. FYCMA offers advantageous conditions when traveling to Málaga by train.

If you organise your event here, you can also ask Renfe for the promotion and offer special prices to your clients.

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