Greencities, Urban Intelligence and Sustainability Forum, confirms its tenth edition for March 27 and 28, 2019

Greencities, Forum of Intelligence and Urban Sustainability, will celebrate its tenth edition on March 27 and 28, 2019 consolidated as the great event of the Spanish cities. The forum, which in 2018 brought together representatives from more than 270 municipalities and 170 companies, is already shaping a content program to advance trends in smart, sustainable, efficient and connected urban management.

Companies, professionals, institutional representatives, municipal technicians and researchers will meet in Malaga on March 27 and 28 to attend the next edition of Greencities, Urban Intelligence and Sustainability Forum, which celebrates ten years after having positioned itself as the great meeting of Spanish cities and territories smart, sustainable, efficient and connected. Thus, the forum will once again advance the most up-to-date innovative agenda in all areas of action involved in the improvement of municipal public services, in the case of government and citizen participation -which will gain prominence in this call-, energy, economy, mobility, means environment, building and technological solutions.

To do this, Greencities is already working on a structured program around various spaces and content axes, such as the ICT & Sustainability Forum – where international experts will tackle the challenges and opportunities of digital transformation for urban management-, or the ‘Green Lab ‘, platform for the presentation of innovative projects and solutions. This edition, and as a novelty, incorporates the area ‘Elevator Call for Startups’, a space specially designed for emerging companies to show their products and services linked to success stories. Together with this, the forum will give space to the research and scientific field through the International Greencities Congress (IGC), which in 2018 brought together a score of communications around sustainable actions of urban space and building, and the life cycle of the city ​​and its constructions.

In addition, Greencities is a commercial platform that annually brings together a wide range of solutions and trends, with the presence of more than 170 companies this year. This commercial and business generating aspect is complemented by a networking space or work meetings where in the last edition there were more than 3,500 meetings and the participation of technicians from more than 50 cities.