FYCMA (Palace of Congresses and Fairs of Malaga) faces from tomorrow one of its main milestones in its fifteen years of life with the celebration of Transfiere Argentina, Ibero-American Forum of Technology and Innovation, which will take place until Friday in Mar del Plata. It is the first brand that FYCMA franchise, in this case to Fundación Global, an entity dedicated to promoting business activity in the province of Buenos Aires. This organization replicates the successful model of Transfiere, the European Forum for Science, Technology and Innovation, which has consolidated the main Spanish R + D + i meeting in Malaga.

Zona de networking en Transfiere, Fycma

FYCMA (Palace of Congresses and Fairs of Malaga) is consolidated as a specialized management tool and, in line with the model of the major European trade fair institutions, is present from tomorrow in the Argentine municipality of Mar del Plata to participate in the first call for proposals. Transfers Argentina, Ibero-American Technology and Innovation Forum. In this way, FYCMA exports its own brand – in this case Transfiere, European Forum for Science, Technology and Innovation – which comes to the American continent to replicate the successful model of the event in Spain, consolidated as the great event specialized in knowledge transfer and R & D + i.

Transfiere Argentina, which will take place tomorrow, September 27 and Friday, the 28th, is organized by Fundación Global, an entity dedicated to promoting business activity in the province of Buenos Aires, and has the support of the Government of that province, the Federal Council of Investments from Argentina, as well as the Malaga City Council and FYCMA itself. In this way, it will bring together professionals, business representatives and researchers to promote innovation and knowledge transfer around the strategic sectors of the Argentine economy, in the case of biotechnology, information and communication technologies, energy and sustainable development, agribusiness , infrastructure and connectivity, health, financial services and public management and government.

Together with the networking spaces and generation of business opportunities – the essence of the call – it also includes an extensive content program where experts from different parts of the world will tackle key issues such as the application of disruptive technologies to generate new business models, agroindustry 4.0, the management of intelligent territories, energy and sustainable development or innovation in the financial sector, among others.

FYCMA thus consolidates its role as a tool for the economic and social development of Málaga beyond the building management itself. Thus, and aligned with the strategy of the capital and its leadership as an urban destination and city of knowledge, it acts as a catalyst for the activity and projection of Málaga through the organization of specialized meetings, the promotion and commercialization of the destination and the capture of strategic events.