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The Trade Fairs and Congress Centre of Malaga (FYCMA) Management describes their policy of quality in their mission, vision and values.


The mission of FYCMA is to make Málaga a benchmark amongst the major European cities for trade fairs and congresses to improve opportunities, boost the economy and create wealth in the city. We will do so with passion and commitment so that each event brings both satisfaction and pride.


FYCMA is committed to consistent and sustained growth of their business activity to maintain a varied and diverse calendar, prioritising the events that, due to their size, participant profile and duration, have a greater economic impact on the city and help fulfil their mission.

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FYCMA develops their mission through the development and promotion of the following values, shared by their team and network of partners:

Professionalism: Our staff are skilled, professional and committed to their work and have the social awareness to meet the requirements of the business and the needs of our clients.

Teamwork: We encourage the spirit of collaboration, cooperation and trust required to work on common goals and objectives together.

Customer orientation: We promote a comprehensive and personalised customer service and advice policy to guarantee a service that meets your expectations and needs. We also commit the resources needed to permanently measure and evaluate their satisfaction rates in order to review our policy and identifying areas for improvement.

Commitment: We ensure strict compliance with current legislation, applicable regulations and voluntary commitments. In addition, we put the precise instruments in place for preventative risk management.

         Continuous development: We work on the continuous development of processes and tools in order to fulfil our general objectives and gain full satisfaction from our internal and external clients and public.

Transparency: We have assumed our commitment to transparency in the dissemination of information and data to interested parties for internal and external clients through a specific portal on our website as well as channels for consultation and requests.

Innovation: We see innovation as a transversal axis to the entire value chain, closely linked to creativity, efficiency, resource optimisation and sustainability.

Excellence: We apply internationally recognised standards that help us operate with more efficiency in terms of quality, environment, safety, sustainability, energy management and corporate social responsibility.

The FYCMA’s quality policy is aligned with its own corporate strategy and that of the Málaga City Council, being the benchmark for determining objectives associated with it.

This policy will be published and sent to FYCMA staff, it will be part of the related documentation, it will remain available to the public and any interested party, and it will be reviewed periodically by Management so that it always responds to the purposes of the organisation.

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