At FYCMA, sustainability is not an end in itself, but an important means to an end

Since the start of our business in 2003, we have incorporated procedures and tools into our day-to-day work to minimise the environmental impact of our work and the events that take place here. This commitment is part of the team’s values and is extended to our partners who share this vision.

Espacio Sostenible Fycma

Certifications and affiliation with standardized management systems:

ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management Systems

This implies a commitment to carry out business activity with a minimum effect on the environment through good practices in work procedures. Awarded in February 2010.

ISO 14001 Gestión Ambiental

ISO 50001 Energy Management Systems

Extends good practices to the management of energy in the FYCMA activity through the control of consumption, search for more efficient solutions and optimal allocation of resources. Awarded in January 2012 as UNE-EN 16001.

ISO 50001 Sistema de Gestión Energética

ISO 20121 Sustainability Management Systems for Events

It confirms that FYCMA commits the necessary resources to guarantee the application of sustainability criteria in all phases of the events that it organizes, promotes and hosts.

Logo ISO 20121 Sistemas de Gestión de Sostenibilidad en Eventos

We strive every day for a better planet

  Photovoltaic Solar Plant

FYCMA has its own photovoltaic solar energy plant made up of 561 panels with a capacity of generating up to 155 kilowatts. Inaugurated in 2008, its annual performance is equivalent to the amount needed to prevent the emission of 37 tons of carbon dioxide.

  Permanent update of facilities

For proper insulation, optimisation of the cooling system and progressive reduction of energy consumption.

  Efficient management of water consumption

Through a decantation system and smart metering.

  Digitization of media and tasks

Thus minimising the use of paper.

  Committing to the circular economy

We prioritise the use of non-disposable materials at events to minimise the generation of waste and promote reuse.

  Strict waste segregation policy

To ensure it is properly processed and disposed of.

  Promotion of responsible practices between providers and users

  • We advise organisers and clients on sustainable management.
  • The provision of related certifications and the ability to demonstrate the implementation of a good practices policy in environmental matters are valuable when it comes to supplier contracting processes.
  • We carry out dissemination and communication actions to promote sustainable management in the field of industry congresses and meetings.


We are proud to live in a city that is a benchmark for environmental sustainability

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