Certifications, a commitment to excellence

FYCMA maintains a number of obligations related in a transversal way to both management and business activity. Said policy is mainly carried out through the certification and affiliation with management systems to assure their public of their commitment to the highest standards of quality and excellence.



  • ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management: Basis of all other certifications that establish the principles of continuous improvement, customer focus and management. Awarded in February 2010.

Logo ISO 9001

  • Q for Tourist Quality from the ICTE, now UNE 187004: The Institute for Spanish Tourist Quality (ICTE) awards the Quality Mark Q in recognition of differentiation, reliability and rigour to certified tourist establishments. Awarded in December 2008.

Logo Q Calidad Turística

  • SICTED (Integrated Quality System Spanish Tourist Destination). The Tourism Area of Málaga city Townhall is betting decidedly on the quality of tourist establishments and services of the city.

Logo Compromiso de Calidad Turística Sicted

  • Q for Quality from the AFE: Certification granted by the Spanish Trade Fair Association (AFE) in recognition of the implementation of a Quality System, exclusive for members, as a guarantee of quality institutions and companies in the field of trade fairs.

Logo Q Calidad Afe

Discover FYCMA’S quality policy.

Environmental and energy

  • ISO 14001: 2004 Environmental Management: FYCMA has an obligation to carry out their business activity with a minimum effect on the environment through good practices in their work procedures. FYCMA actually goes beyond what the legislation requires by keeping environmental aspects under control. Awarded in February 2010.

ISO 14001 Gestión Ambiental

  • ISO 50001 Energy Management System: Energy Management System: Spreading good practice in the energy management of FYCMA’s business activity through consumption control, searching for more efficient solutions and optimising the allocation of resources. Awarded in January 2012 the UNE-EN 16001.

ISO 50001 Sistema de Gestión Energética

  • ISO 20121 Sustainability Management Systems for Events: FYCMA proves the existence of a management system to improve their environmental performance and shows their commitment to the promotion of methods for managing sustainability, including the efficient consumption of resources such as water and energy or the production of solid waste to be treated, which contributes, therefore, to reducing their impact on the environment and the effect of their business activity on biodiversity. Awarded in January 2018.

Logo ISO 20121 Sistemas de Gestión de Sostenibilidad en Eventos

Learn more about FYCMA as a sustainable space and take a look at our environmental and energy policy and the commitment to comprehensive sustainability at trade fairs and events.


  • UNE 170001: Universal Accessibility: FYCMA is committed to developing and adapting their facilities and services so that they can be enjoyed by all people regardless of their abilities. Awarded in December 2008.

UNE 170001 Accesibilidad Universal

Learn more about FYCMA as an accessible space.

Information Security

  • ISO 27001: Information security

FYCMA has recently renewed this certificate proving the commitment of the exhibition centre management to guarantee the highest security standards in the treatment of their own as well as third-party information. The development of data security generally consists of protecting information against loss of confidentiality, integrity or availability, both accidentally and intentionally. Awarded in June 2009.

Logo ISO 27001 Seguridad de la Información

Learn more about the Information Security at FYCMA.

Workplace health and safety

  • OHSAS 18001: Management of Workers’ Health and Safety

FYCMA is aware of the importance of working conditions and the health and safety of employees and partners, thus promoting initiatives aimed at the effective improvement of these conditions and compliance with the duties and obligations established by the Occupational Health and Safety Act. Awarded in December 2013.

OHSAS 18001 Gestión de la Seguridad y Salud de los Trabajadores

Other certifications

FYCMA is adhered to the United Nations Global Compact. Therefore, the Malaga centre is part of an international commitment developed by the United Nations (UN) for companies and institutions to comply with and implement 10 principles related to human rights, labour standards, environment and anti-corruption. Every year a progress report updating the information related to the main aspects of the Global Compact is issued.

Consult last FYCMA’s Progress Report.

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