How to make a sustainable event from a social and environmental perspective?

At FYCMA, we place special emphasis on sustainability indicators in the different stages of holding events. Hence, all management aspects are of foremost importance, which is why we invite event organisers and staff members to join this initiative through the following tips and recommendations:

fycma logo mini  Devise a plan to optimise energy resources and adopt measures for the recycling of materials.

fycma logo mini  Think before you print whilst dealing with communications and consider using digital media.

fycma logo mini  Raise the awareness of and inform your employees, partners or suppliers about sustainability principles and good environmental practices.

fycma logo mini  About catering and restaurants, work with predetermined amounts in order to avoid surpluses. If this is not possible, identify official entities so that they can adequately manage any surpluses.

fycma logo mini  Contemplate the possibility of conducting a fundraising/charity action aligned with the objectives of your event. Identify related organisations that can conduct them with all the guarantees.

fycma logo mini  Evaluate the application of these practices at the end of the event and analyse their impact on the community in order to detect areas for improvement.

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